Productions with Bakelized Canvas

Bakelized canvas is a composite laminate made of phenolic resin and cotton fabric. Bakelite is a thermosetting polymer with which the layers of canvas are impregnated, which polymerize when hot pressed, producing reinforced Bakelite. Bakelized canvas is also known by its trade name Celeron.
This material falls into thermal class E, with an insulation temperature of 120° C. In the event of open flames it burns slowly and is classified as self-extinguishing class HB by the UL 94 standard, which defines the tests and flammability classes of plastic materials and composites. A ductile material, suitable for numerous uses, also thanks to its self-lubricating quality.

Bakelized Canvas _Insulating and Dielectric Materials - Misolet
Available formats (mm):
1220 × 1220
1220 × 2200 1220 × 2440
2050 × 1050
(production of special formats on request)
Thickness range (mm):
by 0,5 to 150
Bakelized Canvas _Insulating and Dielectric Materials - Misolet
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Bakelized canvas is a material characterized by high workability.
The product is used in low thickness for creating mechanical components such as washers, rings, flanges, fine-toothed gears, and bending-stressed vanes, such as those used for automobile horns. These applications exploit the excellent mechanical characteristics of the bakelized canvas, including the high resistance to bending stress. In high thickness instead it is used in the production of gaskets and flanges for the connection of metal pipes, sealing rings for pistons of hydraulic systems, sliding surfaces and much more.
In addition to sheets, tubes and rods are made from the same material, the latter both turned from sheets and wrapped.
You can discover the mechanical characteristics of bakelized canvas in the dedicated technical data sheets.

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Self-lubricating gears

Among the various applications of bakelized canvas there is also a more prestigious use, which concerns the creation of gears.

These products can thus boast high resistance, constant self-lubrication and, above all, the absence of noise during the movement of the mechanism of which they are part.

Bakelized Canvas _Insulating and Dielectric Materials - Misolet
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The different types of bakelized canvas

Bakelized canvas – Type F

Type F bakelized canvas is made up of 44 threads per cm2 and is a layered insulation, composed of pure fine-woven cotton and phenolic resin.

It can be used for low voltage equipment and to make silent gears, camshafts, flanges and washers.

It is an excellent product on a mechanical level with decent dielectric characteristics.
It is characterized by good workability with machine tools, good impact and temperature resistance. Furthermore, the chemical resistance to acids and solvents is not negligible.

Bakelized Canvas _Insulating and Dielectric Materials - Misolet
Bakelized canvas - Misolet
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Bakelized canvas – Type FF

Type FF bakelized canvas is made up of 60 threads per cm2 and is a layered insulator, composed of pure cotton with a very fine texture and phenolic resin.

This type of cloth is used for the creation of drive shafts, fine-toothed gears and for the production of elements characterized by threading such as screws. It is also used to make nuts for mechanical devices.

Type FF bakelized cloth is suitable for shearing and processing complex and very small parts.

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Type F bakelized canvas with graphite (Type G)

Bakelized canvas, loaded with graphite, uses F canvas as a base.
This type of bakelized canvas is loaded with graphite and stands out for its amplified mechanical and self-lubrication characteristics, but also for a low friction coefficient. It is used to make slide surfaces, control cams and gears. Production takes place exclusively on order because it is a special product. For clarity we specify that it is also identified with the acronym LTBGF.

Bakelized canvas - Misolet

F type fine woven bakelized canvas

Standard CEI 15/10 F
CEI EN 60893 PF CC 201
DIN 7735 Hgw 2082
Suitable for applications
in the mechanical sector.

Bakelicized canvas with very fine FF type fabric

Standard CEI 15/10 FF
CEI EN 60893 PF CC 203
DIN 7735 Hgw 2083
Suitable for blanked parts
complex in shape.

Bakelized canvas loaded with graphite

Standard CEI 15/10 BGF
CEI EN 60893
DIN 7735
Better capabilities
Bakelized Canvas _Insulating and Dielectric Materials - Misolet
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Mechanical processing

We specialize in mechanical processing on bakelized canvas, which we carry out precisely and professionally.

Upon request, custom cutting, mechanical processing based on the customer's design on CNC machining centers and blanking of small parts and components.

To complete the offer, we propose the direct sale of materials
and the assembly of machined components.