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Family business

Our story

The Misolet specializes in the Lavoration of Material ISOLdoors Ereading and Thermic.

Certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard

Family business founded in 1983 in Milan in Porta Ticinese near the Naviglio Grande in an area of ​​700 m1960. alongside the historic company of his father Corrado Addabbo, still active today since XNUMX and specialized in the construction of shearing irons, drawing and shearing of metals.

The first big step is taken in 1997 transferring to a surface of 10.000mXNUMX in Codogno, an Italian province that hit the headlines in 2020 due to the pandemic

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Misolet began its activity with the shearing of electrical and thermal insulating materials. After a few years he specialized in mechanical processing according to the customer's design, which quickly became the company's core business, first on traditional machines and then on CNC machining centers.

Production is organized both for sampling and for small batches up to thousands of pieces, reaching millions for blanking.

Who we are - Misolet
Who we are - Misolet
Home - Misolet

New Headquarters

The move to the new location, and consolidated relationships with partners of high quality raw materials, stimulate the company to introduce among its activities also the direct sale of material, in addition to a cutting to size service on the entire range of electrical insulating materials proposed such as Bakelite, fibreglass, heat-insulating and plastic.

Furthermore, to respond to growing market demands, a manufacturing department has been implemented hot and cold bending of plastic materials such as ABS and polycarbonate.

There is a department for the assembly of materials of different types and nature. Here mechanical and electromechanical kits are managed, including with multi-level bill of materials, through processes such as gluing, riveting and caulking.

The success leads her to the second big step in 2020 by moving to Somaglia
an area of 32.000 mXNUMX.

Who we are - Misolet
Home - Misolet

Sustainability and good conduct

Our ethics

Misolet actively and responsibly respects the entrepreneurial and ethical principles on which business and relationships with commercial partners are conducted at an international level. In relation to this we raise awareness among our partners to comply with the rules and standards in this regard sustainability, good conduct and business ethics, committing to compliance with the following requirements:

Human rights

Fair working conditions

Prohibition of child labor

Occupational health and safety

Environmental responsibility

Compliance with Laws

Our Code of Conduct

Misolet is open to change and condemns any form of discrimination, internal or external, thanks to training and to continue sensitization of the staff through the drafting and sharing of our code of ethics and conduct. Thanks to a constant control over processes of suppliers, sub-suppliers and partners from the major international companies, the raw materials used fully respect all the required quality characteristics, always obtained in compliance with ethics and morals. Finally, respect fortechnology it is a fundamental value, which sees us engaged in various activities, in relation to the correct management of waste, air, water and noise pollution, up to investments in renewable energy.

Who we are - Misolet Srl


Respect for thetechnology it is a fundamental value that sees us engaged in various activities, in relation to the correct management of waste, air, water and noise pollution, up to investments in renewable energy.

Misolet considers the protection of the environment as crucial for its development, which is why it is committed to managing environmental resources responsibly so as not to compromise them for future generations. 

With this in mind, the new Somaglia headquarters was designed following advanced management practices and technologies. These include the intelligent lighting system, which avoids energy waste by favoring sunlight, as well as various heat pumps to minimize methane combustion. 

All this supported by the installation of a 550KW photovoltaic park and green contracts with energy suppliers.

No less important is the installation of charging stations for electric cars and rainwater collection tanks to better support the environment in which we live.

Who we are - Misolet

Our Quality

After 40 years of history, Misolet presents itself today as a serious, reliable and flexible partner, oriented towards the continuous improvement of company processes and its performance to guarantee maximum Customer satisfaction in terms of quality, price and service.

Present in the European market and for some years in many non-European markets... exporting Made in Italy!

Aware of the challenges and opportunities that the market presents, the management is convinced that quick and successful decisions are needed to transform the organization's success into customer satisfaction.

The innovation

THE innovation and technology are the cornerstones that push the company to renew its fleet, thus always having cutting-edge machinery and investing in processes that embrace the world ofIndustry 4.0, to offer mechanical processing of both slabs and rods and for high quality and precision blanking processes.

Through the definition, the process planning and control, a better distribution of resources and responsibilities is achieved, a fundamental tool for better understanding and satisfying our customers.

Who we are - Misolet Srl
Who we are - Misolet Srl

For this we use a management software for production and purchasing planning, capable of providing constantly updated data to monitor every company process.

The versatility of the applications of the materials offered is reflected in all sectors of the electromechanical, thermoelectric and thermomechanical industry, for example the world of low, medium and high voltage electricity, electronics, automotive, space and defense, railways, transport, naval, packaging, lighting, household appliances, renewable energy and sources, vending...

Who we are - Misolet