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Misolet is a dynamic company capable of adapting to the continuous changes of a demanding market, where continuous technological evolution requires expertise and increasingly safe and reliable materials.

Materials - Misolet

Thanks to a careful evaluation of our suppliers we are in can provide high quality material and with highly performing technical characteristics that fully respond to the needs of our customers both in terms of mechanical and chemical characteristics that of electrical and thermal insulation.

These materials have a particular stratified structure which requires specific skills and competences to work with them, which have become part of ours with years of experience know-how. In fact, the workmanship presents substantial differences compared to other more classic materials such as metal.

Discover our materials, you can find all the specifications on the technical data sheets:

  • UNI EN 45545 certification

    specifies the fire behavior requirements of materials and components and the Toxicity/Opacity of the fumes

  • Rated V0 to UL 94

  • Declaration of conformity with RoHS standards

  • Declaration of conformity with REACH regulations

Materials - Misolet
Vetroniti - Misolet


Among the materials we work we find vitronite, with excellent dielectric and mechanical characteristics. Also available for sale in sheets, tubes and rounds.

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Bakelite - Misolet


We offer work on bakelized paper and canvas. Materials with good thermal insulation and mechanical resistance. Also available for sale in sheets, tubes and rounds.

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Models - Misolet


Processing, bending and sale of plastic materials for mechanical applications such as ABS, polycarbonate,…

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Materials - Misolet