La MisoletTechnical and plastic materialsTechnical and plastic materials

La Misolet provides machining services using technical materials such as Vulcanized Fibre, Formex, Nomex, Mylar and Electron. Moreover, it processes plastic materials such as ABS, Polycarbonate, POM (derlin), PVC, PEEK, PTFE, Nylon 6 and Nylon66+f.v.30%. These materials are suitable for the mechanical, textile, automotive, electric and electrotechnical industry.

La Misolet has been specializing mainly in ABS and Polycarbonate protections, heat-or-cold bent, for various industrial applications, e.g. machines covers, medium-and-high-voltage electrical world, vending.

Technical materialsTechnical materials

Technical materialsVulcanized Fibre

Vulcanized fibre, or vulcanite, is obtained by treating paper or paper pulp with zinc chloride. Our company markets the hard fibre for dielectric applications, which is made of cotton fibres that are suitable for electric insulation and are able to withstand temperatures up 110°C continuously. Available in sheet and tape for direct sale.

It is used for different types of electric motors, automotive and industrial equipement, BT switches, hand tools and home appliances; it is also employed in the textile industry.

Vulcanized fibre is a non-toxic and inert material that does not release hazardous emissions even when burnt or inhaled (dust). In addition, being 100% cotton, it is fully eco-friendly, in disposal as well.


Technical materialsFormex GK

formex (1) - Copia (Copia)
formex (4) (Copia)

Formex has good dielectric strength and excellent resistance to humidity and chemicals that protect sensitive electronic components against dielectric and environmental damage. Our company provides UL-94 V0-rating Formex able to withstand temperatures up to 120°C.

In addition, Formex is a highly versatile material since it can be easily engraved, bent and thermoformed, thus reducing costs associated with manufacturing and processing. Available in reel and tape.

Technical materialsNomex

Nomex is an aramid paper, that is a hot-calendered synthetic aromatic polyammide polymer with excellent flexibility, mechanical and dielectric strength, even at high temperatures.

This material has excellent performances in terms of stability at cryogenic temperatures, insensitivity to humidity, radiation resistance, flame resistance and non-toxicity; it has a temperature class 220°C and UL-94 V0 ranking. Available in reel and tape.


Technical materialsMylar

Mylar is a flexible translucent film with good tensile resistance and excellent resistance to humidity and chemicals with constant temperature class B:130°C.

Mylar is suitable for die cutting and punching. It is used in many industrial applications for electric insulation. Available in reel and tape.

Technical materialsPresspan Electron

Presspan Electron is a 100%-cellulose-sulfate pressed paperboard; it is calandered to obtain excellent finish and high compressive strength, it has high mechanical strength and excellent compatibility with cooling fluids (e.g. mineral oils, silicone), and it is bendable. Constant insulation class A: 105°.

Suitable for applications requiring insulation with excellent heat stability, high chemical purity and high mechanical and electric strength. It is used for insulation in oil-transformers, switches, inserts, die-cut insulating fittings, gaskets for bushings, small transformers spools, etc. Available in sheets.

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Plastic materialsPlastic materials

Plastic materialsABS

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a common thermoplastic material used in many industries.

Available in sheets, suitable for hot bending and thermoforming processes, it has low humidity absorption, good rigidity, high hardness, shock and scratch resistance; it glues and welds well, and it can be screwed with self-tapping screws.

It has excellent electric strength, it can be used at temperatures between -20°C and +80°C, it has poor weather resistance and it is recommended for indoor applications only. UL94-V0 self-extinguishing type provided, HB class marketed as well.

Available in 2000×1250-size sheets.


Plastic materialsPC (Polycarbonate)

20220525_150020_1 (Copia)
20220525_150033_1 (Copia)

Polycarbonate is known for being a transparent, lightweight and durable material, as well as for its thermal and electric insulation properties; it is resistant to abrasion, steam and bad weather; it has good machinability, excellent shock resistance and good soundproof features; it can be heat-or-cold bent, it is suitable for thermoforming and can be glued.

It can be used at temperatures between -100°C and +120°C and is UL-94 V0; however, it has poor chemical resistance. Available in 2050×1250-size and 3050×2050-size sheets.

Polycarburate is a thermoplastic polymer used in a large number of industries as a substitute for glass, such as: machine guards and covers, electrical cabinets, display cabinets, billboards, covers, inserts, luminous displays, signboards, indoor signage, face shields (PPE), vending.

Plastic materialsNylon 6; Nylon 66; Nylon 66 + GF30

Nylon 6 has good mechanical, wear and impact resistance.

Nylon 66 has excellent toughness and rigidity properties, good tensile strength and temperature stability, lower water absorption than Nylon 6 and excellent resistance to oils, greases and solvents. UL-94 V2 self-extinguishing.

Nylon 66 + GF30 is a polymer with 30% glass charge that increases the material’s abrasion resistance, compressive strength and flexural strength and make it suitable for high and low temperatures. Excellent wear, shock and tensile resistance and good weather resistance. It is used in various industries, such as mechanical, electric, chemical and food industry. Available in sheets, tubes and rounds.

DSC_2498 (Copia)
nylon (Copia)

Plastic materialsPOM (derlin)

DSC_2486 - Copia (Copia)
DSC_2492 (Copia)

POM, also known as Derlin, is a polyacetal or acetal resin with excellent mechanical properties, good wear resistance, excellent dimensional stability and electric insulation.

It is used to manufacture mechanical items such as bearings, guides, sliding wheels and small-module gears. Because of its good chemical resistance, it is also used for pump structures, flanges, and chemical systems’ components. In addition, being a hygroscopic material, it can be used as electric insulator, and since it is physiologically inert, it is used in contact with food. Available in sheets, tubes and rounds.

Plastic materialsPVC

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a technopolymer with decent mechanical rigidity that decreases when temperatures increase, high elasticity and good chemical and acid resistance.

It can be used at temperatures between -10° C and + 60°C. Good electric insulation and low water absorption. Excellent fire resistance and UL94-V0 self-extinguishing ranking. It is used to produce pumps components, rings, flanges and much more. Available in sheets, tubes and rounds.

Plastic materialsPTFE

PTFE is a fluoropolymer known for its low friction coefficient, excellent chemical resistance and high resistance to low and high temperatures (from -200°C to +260°C).

PTFE has poor mechanical properties, such as tensile and compressive, even under the lightest weights. It is therefore suitable to obtain gaskets. Available in sheets, tubes and rounds.

Plastic materialsPEEK

PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer with constant high temperature resistance up to 260°C, excellent mechanical and dielectric properties, dimensional stability, excellent creep and wear resistance. We provide PEEK without fiberglass reinforcement that can be used in the food industry and is UL94-V0 self-extinguishing.

It is employed in various industries, such as aerospace, aviation, medical and packaging. Available for retail sale in sheets.

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La MisoletOur materialsMaterials



Bakelized cloth and paper available in sheets, tubes and round rods. We also manufacture CNC machined items.




A wide range of epoxy vetronite and GPO3 available in sheets, tubes and rounds along with CNC machining to customer’s drawings.




Cement-based items to replace products containing asbestos for thermo-mechanical applications up to 1000°C.




Machining to customer’s drawings and sale of a wide range of plastic and technical materials.


La MisoletOur worksWorks

Machining to drawing

A large CNC machine fleet to deliver custom-drawn products, either for well-established applications or for new projects.


Punching department for large and small productions of blanked details.


We deliver insulating items assembled with metal components produced in-house or under a tolling agreement.

Direct sale and cutting

Bakelite, vetronite and thermal insulation materials ready for delivery in all sheet sizes. Cutting service for customized strips and panels.