La MisoletBakeliteHistorical notes

Bakelite: it refers to everyday items that originate from PHENOLIC resins formed from a condensation reaction of phenol with formaldehyde. Firstly used in 1907, when phenolic resins were mixed with kaolin or wood flour to create products with excellent mechanical features, thermal and electrical insulation properties such as pot handles. Later, the use of resins has expanded to the manufacturing of large sheets whose inert support is made of kraft paper “bakelized paper” or cotton fabric “bakelized cloth”.

They were historically referred to as Dellite and Celeron. Dellite refers to today’s bakelized paper products, Celeron to bakelized cloth ones.

The main features of these new products are good electric and thermal insulation, easy workability and excellent mechanical properties. Products requirements are collected and codified by international standards guaranteeing their specifications, which vary according to the resin’s quality and the support used.

Bakelized Paper and Cloth are Class-E insulating materials (120°C)

They burn slowly in case of fire and are class-HB self-extinguishing products according to UL-94 standard. 

MaterialsTR / N Bakelized Paper

Depending on their type, panels up to 2mm thickness can be cold-sheared or heat-sheared to obtain semi-finished products for the electric and electronic industry, such as electric insulators.
While maintaining their dielectric function, thicker panels are employed as brackets in electrical cabinets, spacers, separators and covers.
This material can also be used as operating machines working surface: its main features are mechanical strength, flatness and dimensional stability. Bakelized paper is also available in tubes.

Available sizes (mm):
2200×1220 2440×1220
(Larger special sizes available starting from thickness 4)

Available sizes (mm):
(Larger special sizes available starting from thickness 4)

Thickness range (mm):
from 0,5 to 50

MaterialsAT Bakelized paper
(high tension)

Laminate produced to meet the technical requirements of Italian Railways, Navy and Air Force, and for electrical transformers, given its inalterability in hot oil.

It has a higher dielectric strength than traditional bakelized paper, i.e. the maximum voltage that can be applied to a given material without causing it to break down.


Bakelized paper
natural and black

Standards NEMA LI – 1 XP
CEI 15/10 TR
CEI EN 60893 PF CP 207
DIN 7735 Hp 2061


Bakelized paper
natural and black for high thicknesses

Standards NEMA LI – 1 X
CEI 15/10 N
CEI EN 60893 PF CP 201
DIN 7735 Hp 2061


Bakelized paper
high tension

Standards NEMA LI – 1 XX
CEI 15/10 AT
CEI EN 60893 PF CP 202
DIN 7735 Hp 2061.5

MaterialsBakelized cloth

Bakelized cloth is divided into three types with different features and mechanical strength according to its threads density:

The “F” type (44 threads per cm2) is characterized by its mechanical strength and good dielectric properties;
The “FF” type (6o threads per cm2), thanks to its composition, is the most suitable to shear and process even the smallest and more complex parts;
The “G type” (24 threads per cm2) is a special product made to order, made of a sackcloth to boost its mechanical and self-lubricating characteristics.

La Misolet also provides graphite-filled Bakelized Cloth, which has excellent auto-lubricating qualities and excellent low friction workability characteristics.

Bakelized cloth mechanical characteristics are significantly more than bakelized paper ones, even though, from a dielectric point of view, they are less performing.

Tela Bachelizzata LTBF 2 1
Tela Bachelizzata LTBF con LTBGF
tela b 3 Copia e1666779411309
DSC 8339 Copia
Tela Bachelizzata LTBGF
Tela Bachelizzata LTFF
20220621 094355 Copia2

Bakelized cloth can be easily sheared at room temperature up to a thickness of 2mm; on the contrary, greater thicknesses need to be pre-heated.

Low-thickness bakelized cloth is used to produce washers for small electrical engines, shim washers for crankshaft, highly stressed flexural insulation vanes such as horns for vehicles. Larger-thickness cloth is used to produce vanes for vacuum centrifugal pumps, gaskets for metal pipes, shaft seals for hydraulic systems’ pistons, clutch discs, bushings, sliding guides, rolling mills layers; it is mostly used in robust, auto-lubricating and silent gears.

Bakelized cloth can also be used to manufacture tubes and rounds; the latter can be either turned from plates or wrapped.

(production of special sizes upon request)
Suitable for mechanical industry applications
Suitable for complex-shape sheared parts.
Improved self-lubricating capabilities.

Available sizes (mm):
1220×2200 1220×2440
(production of special sizes on request)

Available sizes (mm):
(production of special sizes on request)

Thickness range (mm):
from 0,5 to 150


Bakelized cloth with fine fabric type F

Standards CEI 15/10 F
CEI EN 60893 PF CC 201
DIN 7735 Hgw 2082
Suitable for applications
in the mechanical sector.


Bakelized cloth with very fine FF type fabric

Standards CEI 15/10 FF
CEI EN 60893 PF CC 203
DIN 7735 Hgw 2083
Suitable for sliced parts
of complex shape.


Bakelized cloth loaded with graphite

Standards CEI 15/10 BGF
CEI EN 60893
DIN 7735
Better self-lubrication

MaterialiCanevasite V0

Canevasite F18 V0 HF is a high-pressure laminate used for mechanical and electric applications; it is produced in compliance with DIN EN 60893 as well as being V0 rating according to UL-94 standard.

This material is known for its abrasion and wear resistance, good flexibility, very low level of water absorption and temperature class up 150°C.
Machined parts crafted from Canevasite extend the life of mechanically stressed machines and components, resulting in cost saving.

This material meets the Trenitalia 374968 technical specification (cotton fabric/epoxy resin).

DSC 1318
DSC 1315
DSC 1309
DSC 1296

Canevasite F18 V0 HF

High pressure laminate.

Standards NEMA LI – 1
CEI 15/10 HF
CEI EN 60893
DIN 7735 Hgw F18

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Bakelized cloth and paper available in sheets, tubes and round rods. We also manufacture CNC machined items.




A wide range of epoxy vetronite and GPO3 available in sheets, tubes and rounds along with CNC machining to customer’s drawings.




Cement-based items to replace products containing asbestos for thermo-mechanical applications up to 1000°C.




Machining to customer’s drawings and sale of a wide range of plastic and technical materials.


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A large CNC machine fleet to deliver custom-drawn products, either for well-established applications or for new projects.


Punching department for large and small productions of blanked details.


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Bakelite, vetronite and thermal insulation materials ready for delivery in all sheet sizes. Cutting service for customized strips and panels.